Monday, January 25, 2016

Preparing for idea showcase

We have three weeks until we have to do Idea Showcase. On February, 16th we will go into our Library and show our ideas without any technology. We'll get posterboard tripods (or something that can stand on its own) and put the information that we have on that. So far I have no supplies to make it, but I do have three weeks and will get the materials soon. Sometime today or tomorrow I'll make a sketch of what I think it should look like, and have someone check it to see if it's good enough.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Time To Work

I now have around three months left until my book is due. I am only at page 38 (which isn't even half-way through) so now I have to start working like crazy. Not much has happened in the book so I need to pick up the pace and go incredibly fast. My goal is to get around 100 pages and considering the speed that I'm going at, I won't finish. I will soon be able to get in touch with someone that could show me other authors that could help me.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back from winter break

I was on my two week winter break and have been working. Sadly I haven't been working very hard(only about six pages). So since I have done so little work I have to be hard at work until late May. I don't really think that I could get all of my ideas into the book but if I do cut out certain parts that I think aren't quite as important, than I think I will be able to finish it. On pitch day, I did get in touch with one of the people from pitch day during winter break. He hasn't replied yet, but I do hope that he will reply soon so that I can talk to other local authors.